Each piece is unique in style and design, based on prototypes customized through trial and error to provide the best catching potential!

Rendered from re-purposed wine corks, these top water poppers are hand cut, shaped and painted by a Vermont couple with deep roots in the fishing community. 

#5 - We all know that fisherman who lives for that battle between man and fish, who gets that crazed look when they feel the willful tug of a monster on the other end of their line. This little dude is primed and ready for the chase, his fanatic smile set to match the fisherman's headstrong tendencies!
Each lure has been sealed within multiple coats of protective enamel.

Several techniques and styles of painting were incorporated using a range of Color Shift paints, causing a revolving spectrum of colors to entice fish, changing with the light and angle it is seen at.

The tails are custom creations, assembled, wrapped and attached by hand.

This number sequence is the beginning of the original series with many more to come!

Sold! #5 Handcrafted Topwater Fishing Lure


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