We want to bring art back to mainstream fishing and beyond!

Not only do our poppers have an intense action when reeling in and offer

complete retrieving control, fish are drawn to its movements and attractive coloring.

 You'll turn more heads than just those under the water's surface with

one of Dutchy's lures skipping over the waves.














The goal is to create something you're proud to have in your tackle box,

or to hang on the wall next to that prize catch.

It is also vital to us that you feel included in the creative process and will take

all the direction we can while creating your custom lure!

Please use the CONTACT US page to reach out with any questions or to begin a custom piece.

Previously Purchased Poppers

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#4 Close Side
#4 Close
#4 Bugface
#4 Side
#4 Belly
#4 Front
#4 Belly
#4 Side
Celtics Custom
Celtics Custom
Celtics Custom
Customer Photo
#5 Face On
#5 Belly
#5 Butt
#19 Green Back Perch
#19 Green Back Perch
#19 Green Back Perch
#22 Face
#22 Back and Tail
#22 Butt

We also want to branch out with our projects and explore other creative options! If any of these past products interest you or spark an idea, use the Contact Us page to get started!

Other Projects